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How to Celebrate #MARWeek in Your Medical Practice

Posted by 99 MGMT on Oct 19, 2020 8:24:12 AM

October is a huge month when it comes to celebrating hard work in the medical community! Last Monday marked the last day of National #PAWeek, and today, 10/19, marks the beginning of National Medical Assistant Recognition Week, which ends Friday, 10/23.

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How Do Practitioners Really Feel About Working in Private Practices?

Posted by 99 MGMT on Sep 28, 2020 12:13:15 PM

The age old question for healthcare professionals entering the workforce is this: Should I work in an employed position at a hospital, or should I work at a private practice?

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Effective Employee Recognition Strategies for Essential Workers

Posted by 99 MGMT on Sep 16, 2020 10:16:57 AM

This year, our country has been facing some of the most challenging months in recent history. When stay-at-home orders took effect, many individuals found themselves in a work-from-home situation, many found themselves without a job, and millions of Americans found themselves classified as “essential workers”.

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Challenges in Opening Your Own Private Medical Practice

Posted by 99 MGMT on Sep 9, 2020 7:00:00 PM

As many physicians have learned over time, opening your own private medical practice is one way to gain more control over your work. From hours of operation to personalized care options, running your own practice has many advantages. 

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Creative Healthcare Recruiting Strategies During COVID-19

Posted by 99 MGMT on Aug 28, 2020 9:00:00 AM

The times we’re living in (as of the summer of 2020) have been challenging, to say the least. One particularly difficult aspect of life in a pandemic is the Healthcare Industry. 

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How to Market New Telemedicine Services in Your Private Practice

Posted by 99 MGMT on Aug 6, 2020 8:35:43 AM

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, telemedicine services are becoming more and more popular among private practices. As with any new service you may implement in your practice, you have to be sure to market it or else you may not see the patient volumes you’re hoping for.

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How to Handle Physician Credentialing Efficiently in your Practice

Posted by 99 MGMT on Jul 22, 2020 2:48:38 PM

Physician credentialing - every physician goes through it. It’s a long and tedious process, but it is absolutely imperative to complete if you plan to actively practice medicine.

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How Practice Management Services Can Improve Patient Volumes

Posted by 99 MGMT on Jul 7, 2020 11:14:03 AM

You may have read the title of this post and asked yourself “how are practice management services and patient volumes even related?”

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What Medical Practices are Doing to Mitigate the Risk of HAI

Posted by 99 MGMT on Jun 15, 2020 9:30:00 AM

It’s clearer each passing day that not only is the world changing, but the way healthcare is practiced is changing as well. Returning to the way things were before with crowded waiting rooms and little in the way of personal protective equipment (PPE) is unsafe and illogical.

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What the Future of Medicine Could Look Like

Posted by 99 MGMT on Jun 8, 2020 1:37:03 PM

There’s no doubt that the way we practice medicine as a society has changed over time, and it’s not showing any signs of stopping. Especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, patient care and office visits could start to look a little different.

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