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What Are Medical Billing Services? Why Outsource Medical Billing?

Posted by 99 MGMT on Oct 30, 2018 10:13:33 AM
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4 Basic Ways to Improve Medical Practice Efficiency

Posted by 99 MGMT on Oct 10, 2018 10:15:09 AM
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How to Start a Medical Practice in Texas [CHECKLIST]

Posted by 99 MGMT on Aug 13, 2018 9:47:26 AM

If you’re looking to start a medical practice in Texas, you may be wondering “How the heck do I do this on my own?” or “Where do I start?”

We provide this exact guidance for clients every day. Like any major project, the key is to divide and conquer. 

Here’s our working checklist for starting a medical practice in Texas, in no particular order of importance.

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How to Increase Patient Volume in Your Private Practice

Posted by 99 MGMT on Mar 26, 2018 9:51:42 AM

How do you get more patients into your practice? The answer certainly isn’t “by spending most of your time handling medical records and billing.”

A study from the Annals of Internal Medicine found that some physicians spend as little as 27% of their time with patients during the day.

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4 Ways Physician Credentialing Services Save Time & Money

Posted by 99 MGMT on Jan 19, 2018 11:28:15 AM

Research shows that physicians are spending so much time doing paperwork and administrative tasks that they’re losing out on valuable time with patients. 

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What Does At Will Employment Really Mean for Your Private Practice?

Posted by 99 MGMT on Dec 27, 2017 12:13:00 PM
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How to Get More Patients: Make Your Private Practice Stand Out

Posted by 99 MGMT on Nov 29, 2017 12:13:46 PM

In 2016, a full 12% of all U.S. physicians practiced in Texas.

The majority of U.S. physicians practice primary care, and are a small private practice owner, partner, or associate.

As you're probably aware, the market is highly saturated. Patients have their pick of private practices. How do you make yours stand out to get more patients and increase revenue? Here are 5 tips.

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How to Use Panel Management to Increase Patient Volumes

Posted by 99 MGMT on Nov 3, 2017 12:09:03 PM

According to AHRQ,

A clinician who works 230 workdays in a year and sees 24 patients a day has a “supply” of 5,520 slots a year (230 workdays x 24 patients/day).

Patients average 3.19 visits to the clinician a year.

This clinician could care for a panel of 1,730 average patients in a year (5,520 ÷ 3.19).

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4 Private Practice Marketing Tips to Help You Blaze Your Own Trail

Posted by 99 MGMT on Oct 25, 2017 12:02:41 PM

Why did you decide to study & practice medicine? Was it the salary, the challenge, the desire to help others?

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How to Increase Patient Volumes by Marketing to Millennials

Posted by 99 MGMT on Oct 17, 2017 1:49:40 PM

Why Incorporating Millennial Marketing is Imperative for Your Practice

Millennials are infamous for breaking barriers, building equal relationships, and seeking partnerships. They respond best to transparency and accessibility.

They’re also taking over - they’re advancing in the workforce, starting families, and taking responsibility for their own health and wellness. That means they decide whether they’re going to the doctor and which practice they visit.

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