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4 Tips on How to Run a Clinic Efficiently as a Practice Owner

Posted by 99 MGMT on Oct 24, 2019 9:09:50 AM

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This likely won’t be surprising news, but running a clinic is a lot of work. The only way someone could reasonably handle everything it takes to make a medical practice run, day in and day out, would be to optimize efficiency.

Here’s our 4 best tips on how to do that.


1. Embrace Technology


A simple way to save yourself time in your day to day operations is to automate as many tasks as possible. Utilizing project or time management tools can help you and your employees to stay on top of their own daily tasks, and facilitate collaboration to help jobs get done more efficiently.


Medical practices need marketing too! There are so many tools online that can help you sell yourself to potential patients.

For more on healthcare marketing trends, check out this blog!

Possibly the best tool you could focus your efforts on if you are just getting started is your website!

Optimizing your website to include the terms people in your area (and for the time of year) are searching for can make a huge difference that you will be able to see, almost immediately.

Another online marketing tool at your disposal is your Google My Business profile. For more information on the do’s and don’ts - read this post!


2. Don’t Let Day-to-Day Operations Slip Through the Cracks


Your team is the foundation of your practice - don’t forget to make sure they’re working under optimal conditions!

Facilitating communication can help alleviate some common workplace stress, so to implement this, consider incorporating a short daily briefing into the start of every work day. This will give employees the opportunity to let the team know what they’re working on, what they’ve accomplished, and if there are any issues they’re facing.

Additionally, making sure to support your team and celebrate your wins will not only feel good, but will actually increase productivity! Studies show that recognizing and commending employees for their good work is more likely to encourage them to continue performing well!


3. Implement Long-Term Planning and Strategy

Panel Management

One of the most important and strategic moves you can make is to have a solid understanding of your general demographic. Knowing what your patient flow looks like will help you better organize your time.

Do you have a lot of millennial patients? Then you’re likely to find that they want to make appointments after work, whereas older patients are going to spring for the morning slots. Understanding this data and how to adjust your preparation for appointments can make a world of difference, and save you valuable time.

Consider Outsourcing

Are there administrative aspects of running a practice that are taking away time you could be spending with patients? An option to consider is outsourcing for these services. There are many healthcare management companies who specialize in handling administrative tasks to let practitioners get back to their patients.

Some services you can outsource for include practice management, credentialing, and billing. For more information on the impact of handing these tasks off, read these posts:

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4. Stay on Top of Your Financial Situation

Reduce Overhead

One way many clinics find themselves struggling is in their finances. Often times if practice owners are not highly aware of all their expenses, they tend to miss important details that could be detrimental with time. The easiest way to combat this is to stay on top of your expenses.

A great way to keep track of this information is to keep consistent reports of what your finances look like. Typically, a good practice to follow is doing a practice costs report weekly, a financial metrics report monthly, and a workflow analysis report quarterly.


The Takeaway

We’re not saying that every practice has to employ every one of these strategies or tools, but hopefully, you can take this information you’ve learned here and apply some aspect of it to your practice to help it run a little more efficiently.

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