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4 Private Practice Marketing Tips to Help You Blaze Your Own Trail

Posted by 99 MGMT on Oct 25, 2017 11:02:41 AM


Why did you decide to study & practice medicine? Was it the salary, the challenge, the desire to help others?

Medicine is not an easy path. It means long hours, inhuman amounts of stress, and huge risks to yourself and to your patients. Because of these risks and stresses, it also means you’re proud of your achievements, incredibly motivated to be successful, and want your practice run as smoothly as possible.

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Physician employment trends show that many doctors are choosing to avoid the additional stress of practice management by joining a corporate healthcare provider network. While this is fine for some doctors, it’s not in the cards for you.

Why? Because you want to have your own name hanging on your building, not a corporation’s. You worked hard to get where you are today, and you should be able to find individual success - the way you want it.

Here are some private practice marketing tips to help you grab personal success by the horns.

4 Private Practice Marketing Tips to Help You Blaze Your Own Trail

1.  Identify Your Ideal Patient

Who are they? A family who buys their own health insurance? A young professional on a company insurance plan? A retiree with government coverage?

How do you reach them? Different demographics may be more open to certain communication and practice styles. While young professionals may not see you as frequently for medical ailments, they may be interested in other health and wellness services, medical education, and events.

How do you keep them? Use your ideal patient’s preferred communication style to stay on their radar. Producing online content, sending scheduling reminders, encouraging reviews, and following up with patients are all ways to facilitate interaction and future business.

2.  Work Smarter, Not Harder

While you can’t be on call 24/7, you have at your disposal a “secretary” who is constantly working.

Your website and online profiles are how your patients interact with you throughout the day and night. If you can offer basic scheduling, paperwork, and other services online, your practice becomes infinitely more attractive for the new medical decision makers: millennials.

Many doctors are now offering online patient portals (and even virtual appointments, in some cases) to make healthcare more convenient and accessible for patients.

3.  Reduce Wait Times With Technology

Wait times are always a major concern for patients. The Internet and smart technology provide easy shortcuts to reduce their time spent away from home or work.

Gather info online - Make it easy for your patients to fill out and submit forms online so you’re both ready when they come in.

Communication platforms - Allow for appointment reminders, cancellations, and rescheduling on multiple media.

Mobile queue - This is huge for patients. Mobile queue services allow them to see where they sit in line, and send a notification when it’s their turn. Patients can do some more work, grab a snack, or run a quick errand while they wait.

4.  Get Your Name Out There

Name recognition (aka brand recognition) has a huge impact on success for any kind of business. It's no different for a private practice marketing strategy. Name recognition means you’re top of mind when patients need medical services AND when they refer others to a doctor.

Personal recommendations are the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal. So, make sure people know your name.


  • Google My Business listings
  • Optimized website
  • Active social media profiles
  • Consistent blogging


  • Community events
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Partnerships, collaboration, referrals
  • Relationships with patients
  • Big, easy-to-read signs

Successful Private Practice Marketing Starts With the Patient

Modern private practice marketing may require expanding how you define healthcare. Patients today expect accessibility and convenience the likes of which doctors have never seen before.

Here are some more tips on How to Increase Patient Volumes by Marketing to Millennials.

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