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How to Increase Your Patient Volumes by Marketing to Millennials

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Why Incorporating Millennial Marketing is Imperative for Your Practice

Millennials are well-known for breaking barriers, building equal relationships, and seeking partnerships. They respond best to transparency and accessibility.

They’re also taking over - they’re advancing in the workforce, starting families, and taking responsibility for their own health and wellness. That means they decide whether or not they’re going to the doctor and which practice they visit.

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Typically, this generation values convenience, instant results, and transparency. Here are 5 ways to increase patient volumes by marketing to millennials.

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5 Ways to Increase Patient Volumes by Marketing to Millennials

1. Emphasize that information and services are available online

Online services are highly valuable to millennials because they fulfill all three needs - convenience, immediacy, and transparency. This includes, but is not limited to:

● All paperwork
● Accessing and submitting forms
● Scheduling appointments
● Paying bills
● Communicating with patients
● Holding appointments
● Test results and medical history

2. Work with Google, not against it

No matter what you do, millennial patients will go to Google for more information. They’re researching symptoms, causes, diagnoses, treatments, and more.

Instead of fighting this inevitable tide, use it to your advantage! Publish helpful articles on your website and direct patients there if they have questions. Ideally, you’ll build up a library of information on health and wellness that current and future patients can easily find in their research process.

Use your experience and procedures to empower your patients, and use their new habits and resources to build--not limit--your practice.

3. Make your practice a resource even when patients don’t need medical assistance

While millennials have shown a disinterest in regular checkups, they respond well to things that enable self-sufficiency. Consider hosting health and wellness events to attract new patients and keep current patients engaged.

4. Watch your online reputation closely

Millennials are particularly sensitive to online reviews. While you can’t control what people say about you, you can mitigate the effects of negative reviews by responding promptly and helpfully to each complaint.

5. Set up guest Wi-Fi

Last but not least, guest WiFi is a simple (but powerful) marketing tool when you’re targeting millennials. Aside from staying connected socially, many millennials take their work on the go. You can also suggest things to do online (like leaving reviews) to create a win-win situation.

This easy solution makes visits more convenient for your target demographic - especially since appointments are usually scheduled during work hours - and makes visiting your office a more positive experience overall.

Millennials Are Calling the Shots

Millennials are making their own healthcare decisions. Their priorities are different from any previous generation, and practices must evolve to meet new demands. 

What else can you do to increase patient volumes? Check out our marketing page for some additional options.

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