Headquartered in the Dallas Fort Worth area, 99MGMT customizes a marketing strategy for each client specific to the community they serve. Where needed, we involve outside experts that have healthcare marketing expertise and long-standing relationships with 99MGMT.

Working with our physician clients, we develop a marketing plan that identifies strategic opportunities. This involves extensive market research: gathering statistical information on area population trends, healthcare usage and unmet needs, payer information, competition, strategic alliances and more. 

We then create marketing objectives and communication strategies to reach these goals. This typically includes marketing materials, branding and corporate identity, digital strategies such as Web development, social media and online reputation management, and a comprehensive physician liaison and referral plan.

The marketing plan, in summary, is a road map that guides you through the start-up and expansion stages of your practice. We also set up key metrics and reporting, to ensure your marketing efforts are delivering the results your practice requires.

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