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20 Ways to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day in Your Practice

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For anyone who is currently, or has ever been an employee at a business, you know the value of being appreciated by the people you work for. Especially in the Medical field, employees at medical practices work day in and day out, late nights, holidays, and more - all to ensure that the public has access to adequate healthcare.

National Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated the first week of March each year. In this post, we’ll be discussing 20 ideas for how you can celebrate your medical practice’s employees!

  1. Buy them breakfast or lunch
  2. Supply some special treats in the break room
  3. Purchase personalized appreciation gifts
  4. Head to social media to let the rest of the world know how much you appreciate them
  5. Throw a party in which your employees are the guests of honor
  6. Organize games or team building exercises to promote comradery
  7. Administer a survey where your employees can provide insight and ideas to improve their work experience
  8. Donate to a charity or cause in your employees’ names
  9. Organize a volunteer experience in your community
  10. Invite employees to a creative activity (like a paint & sip) outside of work
  11. Gift them with apparel with your brand logo on it 
  12. Host a happy hour where they can socialize and relax
  13. Take them on a trip to a local attraction, like a winery or a museum
  14. Consider using a third-party employee recognition program, like Bonusly
  15. Ask for their input! Provide them with a designated budget and let them decide how they’d like to celebrate as a team
  16. Create a practice resource library, where all your dedicated, hard-working employees have access to materials to further their knowledge
  17. Offer to pay for memberships to professional associations for them
  18. Write a press release in your local newspaper outlet commending them for their hard work
  19. Upgrade some of their day-to-day office equipment - whether it’s implementing an upgraded EHR, or replacing old, worn-out clipboards, providing new equipment will be a motivator
  20. Treat every day as if it were Employee Recognition Day, and make sure you’re taking the time to tell your employees how much you value them all year round

Year after year, studies continue to show the benefit to businesses taking time to appreciate their employees in relation to productivity, engagement, and retention rates. 

We hope our suggestions have been helpful, but no matter how you do it, and especially on March 6, take a few minutes to show your employees that you appreciate and value all the hard work that they do. 

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