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Physician Personalization of Patient Care in a Private Practice

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personalized patient care - your practice, your vision

Deciding to start your own private medical practice is a decision filled with endless pros and cons. One of the most compelling pros is the ability to offer your unique vision of patient-centered care. 

Unlike a hospital setting where doctors are subject to strict guidelines and processes, private practice allows more autonomy in your approach to patient care. You can set the tone and pace for patients to have a personalized care experience that optimizes their health and improves their long-term quality of life. 

Let’s explore how you can offer a personalized care plan and philosophy that deliver results and happiness for both sides:


Getting Personal With Physician-Patient Care

Physician personalization of patient care is just that – personal. It’s about treating patients as unique individuals and building meaningful relationships that encourage patients to be engaged with their own health.

Starting a patient visit with small talk can make a big difference. A quick question about a family member, pet, or favorite sports team can signify to a patient that you remember them and are genuinely interested in their health and well-being. Patients who feel a personal connection with their healthcare provider are more likely to:

  • Be honest with their health information
  • Share existing health risks beyond just family history
  • Actively participate in their healthcare decision making

Like all relationships, doctor-patient relationships should be two-way. Show your patients that you too are a unique individual by sharing personal aspects of your life that they can relate to. Giving insight into your personality and interests outside of medicine has never been easier with the use of social media. In addition to sharing pictures of your office staff on the company’s accounts, post photos of yourself and your family exploring outdoors or cooking a healthy meal on your personal accounts.


How Will You Personalize Physician-Patient Care?

What’s your vision of personalized care? Whether it’s longer appointment times or specialized services, having a private practice allows you to choose policies and practices for:

  • When to work
  • Patient volume
  • Services you offer
  • Insurance plans you accept

More than half of providers cite time constraints as a hindrance to delivering personalized care. Operating your own practice gives you the freedom to dictate your own schedule and allot time for thorough visits with patients, opening the door for shared decision-making and allowing time for patients to ask questions.

Your office environment also plays a role in the patient experience. Private-practice doctors can create their own office culture from the ground up, giving them the freedom to provide a personalized healthcare experience that leaves patients feeling valued and satisfied. 

You can choose the number of employees and providers you bring on staff and set the tone for the level of customer service they provide to your patients. Good employees hard to attract in your area? You can develop your own tactics for rewarding your staff for their hard work and offer incentives that encourage employee retention.

Getting Involved in Your Community

Be a small-town doctor -- even if you’re in a big city – by getting involved in the community you serve. When current and potential patients see your office participating in local events, they’ll be inspired to care about their health as much as you do. And seeing you as a member of their community will strengthen the relationship patients have with you and the trust they put in your practice.

Here are a few ideas to form relationships within your community:

  • Connect with other business owners in your area through the local Chamber of Commerce.

  • Participate in local fundraising events that promote health, such as a fun run or charity walk.

  • Host free, public events to share your passion for health and showcase your services. 

  • Partner with a local restaurant or gym that aligns with your values and patient health goals.

  • Refer patients to community resources, such as your local health department, and programs that promote health and prevent disease.

You take pride in your medical practice, the care you provide, and the services you offer. The more often you communicate that message, the more pride your patients will take in caring about their health and having you as their provider.  

Starting a Practice Built on Personalization of Patient Care

To deliver authentic, personalized care, you need to know about your patients’ lives and lifestyles beyond the walls of your office. Patients want a relationship with a healthcare provider they trust. They want to be remembered, and are more likely to participate with their health when they are!

Owning your own medical practice is an opportunity to design the personalized care experience you want for your patients. You determine how that happens through the decisions you make around scheduling and staffing – and the relationships you form with your patients and the community. 


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