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How Panel Management Can Increase Patient Volumes in Your Practice

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According to AHRQ,

A clinician who works 230 workdays in a year and sees 24 patients a day has a “supply” of 5,520 slots a year (230 workdays x 24 patients/day).

Patients average 3.19 visits to the clinician a year.

This clinician could care for a panel of 1,730 average patients in a year (5,520 ÷ 3.19).

That’s a lot of patients. While you’re probably not aiming for these grandiose numbers, you do want to increase the number of patients you’re seeing in a day, week, or year. Guess what! You have a highly insightful tool, right at your fingertips.

How to Use Panel Management to Increase Patient Volumes

Your patient panels are basically a customized demographic study. This is highly valuable information that not many types of businesses have access to. Don’t let it go to waste! And don’t worry - you won’t be breaking any HIPAA laws by analyzing your patient panels.

1.  Grouping - age, gender, insurance

Let’s start with the basics - demographics. Analyzing your current demographic ratios can help you identify:

  • Why you might not be getting the patients you want
  • How to get more of the patients you do want

2.  Organize by activity - appointment requests, visits

Which groups are most active? By how much?

You’ll probably notice some trends among your demographic groups and their activity levels. Specifically, while older generations are still coming in for check-ups consistently, millennials don’t seem to respond as well to traditional health practices.

Once you have this info, you can create a strategy to increase the volume of your preferred patients.

3.  Optimize

Close the gaps. Make it easier for inactive patients to get information and schedule appointments. Make visits more convenient by implementing queue technology and digital access to health information.

For some more information on garnering new patients, check out this article!

Further target your preferred audience using demographic information. Hone your message and make your entire practice more appealing based on the gender, age group, insurance, and other notable qualities.

4.  Market

Finally, spread the word! Make sure your optimization efforts are displayed proudly wherever you can put them. Put notices on your website, physical location, social media, physical marketing materials - everywhere!

If you want to increase patient volumes, patients need to be aware that you want to give them an excellent experience beyond the 15 minutes they’re sitting on your table. Your panel management tools will be a great resource in creating that experience.

Want more information on growing your practice?

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Have any questions about practice management or marketing? Give us a shout!

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