Physicians often find themselves in crisis management mode without sufficient means to meet the administrative and financial needs of their practice.


99MGMT provides oversight and supervision of your day-to-day practice operations, your collections and cash flow, and your long-term goals and strategic planning.

We handle all administrative aspects of medical practices so physicians are able to focus on what they do best: the practice of medicine.

From a day-to-day practice operations standpoint, we handle all aspects of human resources management including recruiting, training and development of management and support staff. 99MGMT clients can participate in our healthcare and 401k programs.

We provide oversight for other critical functions including practice management system implementation and effective compliance programs. We ensure that your office reflects the atmosphere and image you desire.

From a collections and cash flow perspective, we manage your participation in insurance plan contracts, file your claims electronically, follow-up on account balances, negotiate pricing with vendors and pay practice expenses on a timely basis. Overall, we ensure that you have the best reimbursement (accounts receivable) and the best prices (accounts payable) possible.

To achieve your long-term goals, we handle the marketing of your practice, advise you on major purchases by doing return on investment analysis, interface with third parties on your behalf, and ensure that your practice is on track to meet your vision.

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