Provider Credentialing Services

Becoming a provider with commercial and government insurance companies allows you to maintain consistent patient referrals and cash flow. We provide contracting and physician credentialing services to practices of all sizes and in all specialties.

Credentialing can be complicated and time consuming. Outsourcing the provider credentialing process allows providers and administrators to focus on what they do best: delivering a superior patient experience.

Benefits of outsourcing physician credentialing:


Expert application completion

Application errors may lead to delays and denials.

A typical credentialing application will ask for practice address, phone, fax, contact information, services provided, copies of your licensure, employment history, average patient profile and any records of past legal troubles regarding your medical practice.

Omitting or making mistakes on any of this data can lead to delays in your provider credentialing, and it can sometimes be grounds for a denial.

Follow up

Most plans are backlogged with credentialing applications. 99MGMT confirms that your application was received and regularly checks to see where it is in the process.

Our follow-up at regular intervals is documented and continues until the application is approved and participation is secured.

Continuous CAQH oversight

CAQH profiles need to be re-attested, updated and the credentialing contacts kept current.

We’re proactive when receiving an updated insurance, license or DEA document and upload it to CAQH with an updated expiration date. Our process ensures that re-accreditation delays are avoided.

Our provider credentialing services include:

  1. CAQH Registration
  2. Commercial Insurance Provider Enrollment and Credentialing
  3. Medicare and Medicaid Provider Enrollment and Credentialing
  4. Medicare and Medicaid Revalidation
  5. PECOS
  6. NPI Registration
  7. Reimbursement Issues
  8. Managed Care Contracting Issues
  9. Hospital privilege Applications and Reappointments
  10. DEA Registration & Tracking
  11. Medical License Application Processing and Tracking

find out how 99MGMT can take care of your physician credentialing needs: