Medical billing & claims management services reduce your paperwork load to give you more time with patients. 

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Our physician practice management services take non-clinical practices off your shoulders and put them in the hands of our expert team.

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Looking to open up your own practice? Don't do it alone. 99 MGMT's medical practice start-up and consulting services help you get your practice up and running smoothly. 

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What's it like to work with 99 MGMT?

With 99MGMT's healthcare management services, you keep your current office and staff. We provide oversight and support for all administrative functions. Your financials and your medical practice remain independent. Call us - we’ll show you how!

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Practice Management

Operational success is the foundation of a happy workforce and productive practice. Process management, scheduling and supervision, compliance, quality improvement, contract negotiation, property management and equipment maintenance.

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Revenue Management

Generating revenue is only half the battle; we’ll help you collect it and manage it. Billing, coding oversight, collections, reconciliation, facility and third party payer credentialing.

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Human Resources

It always comes down to who has the best people. Recruitment, training, management and excellent benefits programs including healthcare and retirement.

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Financial Services

We’ll help you take control of your money. Accounting, bookkeeping, budgeting and planning, merchant services, performance evaluation and financial reporting.


We’ll help you position and grow your practice in our increasingly competitive industry. Physician networking, strategic marketing plans, digital strategies including Web presence, paid search and social media.

Information Technology
Information Technology

Are tech issues a constant source of aggravation? We’re here for you with expertise across multiple systems and platforms. Electronic medical records, template modification, training, installation, hardware and software support.




Are you looking for a career in a healthcare practice or healthcare management company? Do you want to join a growing organization that values every employee and provides competitive compensation, benefits, flexible work environments and opportunity for advancement?

The 99MGMT family includes primary and specialty physician medical practices of all sizes, allowing us to offer a spectrum of opportunities for job seekers. We recruit and retain highly qualified professionals and support staff for our partners, ensuring a good fit for both the practice and the employee.


Employee Benefits

  • Competitive Wages
  • Excellent Health Insurance
  • Sponsored 401k Plans
  • Paid Time Off
  • Advancement Opportunities


Are you ready to change your work and your life—and the lives of the people around you—for the better? Call us today and we’ll walk through you through the details of our healthcare management programs, answer all of your questions and get started.