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Physician Practice Management Company in Dallas-Fort Worth

About us

Located in Dallas, TX, Ninety Nine Healthcare Management helps healthcare providers to focus on their core skills - delivering high quality care to their patients. The daily hassles of running a business, managing personnel, tracking inventory, and navigating regulatory issues will no longer be the sole responsibility of the provider.

Historically, these services have been found to be at least cost neutral, although most practices will reap cost savings from economy of scale benefits. Most providers realize higher incomes through efficient process management, proper planning, and better revenue management without experiencing major changes.

With 99MGMT's healthcare management services, you keep your current office and staff. We provide oversight and support for all administrative functions. Your financials and your medical practice remain independent. Call us - we’ll show you how!

99MGMT was born out of necessity.

Our roots are in private practice ownership - many on our team started out in the clinic, and found their passion in independent medical practice. As solo practitioners, we originally came together to create the critical mass necessary to obtain better contracts, without joining an IPA, selling our practices or becoming employees.

Today, we stand firm in our belief that you don't need to work for a physician employment company to have a successful medical career. However, we know firsthand how difficult it is to manage all the administrative aspects of a medical practice while continuing to see patients in the clinic.

99 Healthcare Management's comprehensive suite of practice management services help independent physicians (like you) to start, run and grow your practice while focusing on what you're trained to do—help patients.

You own your practice. You're not an employee under anyone else. Our services are simply a tool for your success.

What does 99mgmt do?

Financial Services

Accounting, bookkeeping, bill payment, budgeting & planning, cash management, merchant services, practice assessment, performance evaluation, and reporting. Financial services management provides excellent cost control.


All business operations and onsite clinical operations, including office process management, staff allocation and supervision, compliance, quality control & improvement, contract negotiation, property management, and equipment maintenance.

Better operations will return valuable time to the providers, allowing them the opportunity to increase productivity or spend meaningful time away from the practice.


Traditional (door to door) promotions, direct physician networking, and internet marketing. With provider collaboration, we create growth in both value and volume that directly benefits the physician and practice.

Executive leadership

High level decision making and strategic planning. Access to national level talent to assist with the most important decisions at no additional charge.

Information Technology

Electronic health record expertise, template modification, training, installation, hardware, and software support. Currently, eight unique electronic health records are supported.

Revenue Management

Billing, coding oversight, collections, submission, reconciliation, facility credentialing, and third party payer credentialing. Matrix approach to revenue management that has experts in software, third party payers, and specialty billing.

Human Resources

Benefits, co-employment, personnel management, performance evaluation, training, orientation, recruitment, and retirement. Providers and employees have access to better benefits at very attractive rates.

Compliance and Liability Reduction

Documentation, tracking systems, compliance and quality assurance programs can significantly reduce the burden and minimize risk while increasing safety and quality.

To learn more about how 99MGMT can partner with your practice, contact us today.